Image Management

Image management, also known as appearance management, enables one to project an image which is in sync with the roles and goals of life. Body image is a part of self-image. It refers to how one thinks, feel and react to one’s own self perceived physical attributes. A positive body image contributes to enhanced Psychological adjustment .A doctor wouldn’t look like one unless he’s dressed for it! In real life scenarios, we create impressions every time whether we intend to or not. Then why not create ones which are positive and affective. Image management bridges the gap for individuals struggling with image transitions with the help of; clothing, grooming, body language, etiquette and vocal communication to create positive first impressions.

Service Offering:

  • Lifestyle analysis/evaluation
  • Personality analysis/evaluation
  • Personal style analysis/evaluation
  • Pattern selection and coordination
  • Wardrobe analysis/evaluation
  • Accessory selection and coordination
  • Hair care and styling
  • Makeup selection, coordination, application
  • Body/face shape analysis/evaluation
  • Style selection and coordination
  • Personal coloring analysis/evaluation
  • Color selection and coordination
  • Fabric selection and coordination
  • Clothing and Styling for special occasions
  • Fashion styling
  • Strategic shopping
  • Clothing care and storage
  • Makeover process
  • Body language
  • Social, business and dining etiquette
  • Interview Skills
  • Personal/self-branding
  • Corporate/company Image
  • Body hygiene
  • Uniform clothing/Designing

We create customized modules for all the above mentioned topics for individuals, groups and corporate.